Hear about the current status of the Organic Waste Ban and next steps. Learn about food donation BMPs established through a study by the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic. Explore efforts to increase food donation in MAand beyond.

Chris Beling, US EPA Region 1

Christine Beling is currently a member of the Assistance and Pollution Prevention Unit in the US EPA Office of Environmental Stewardship. Chris works to promote Sustainable Materials Management. Her unit focuses on non-regulatory product stewardship, waste prevention and recycling initiatives.

John Fischer, MassDEP

John Fischer is Branch Chief for Commercial Waste Reduction and Waste Planning at MassDEP. He coordinates programs to advance waste reduction, recycling, and composting by businesses and institutions. John also oversees Massachusetts’ Solid Waste Master Plan, solid waste data, the Solid Waste Advisory Committee, and disaster debris planning.

Lorenzo Macaluso, Center for EcoTechnology

Lorenzo Macaluso is Director of Green Business Services at the Center for EcoTechnology, which administers RecyclingWorks in MA and provides technical assistance under contract to MassDEP. Lorenzo develops commercial recycling and composting programs, and energy efficiency programs for businesses of all types.


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