Learn how four different schools in the same school district implemented recycling and composting in different ways. Meet the representatives of several groups that offer services that help K12 schools improve recycling.

Representatives from Arlington Schools

Representatives from Arlington Schools will take about their waste diversion projects. In addition to system-wide cafeteria recycling, two elementary schools are diverting and composting cafeteria food waste in different ways, and a third student-initiated project is in the planning stages. Hear from representatives from the Bishop, Brackett and Dalin schools.

Charlotte Milan, Town of Arlington

Charlotte Milan champions waste diversion in Arlington as the recycling coordinator. Early accomplishments include operationalizing enforced mandatory curbside recycling and streamlining of public space recycling. Currently Charlotte is most excited by school Green Teams, cafeteria food waste audits, backyard composting, and showing off Arlington’s new Recycling Center.


Emily Fabel, Green Team

Emily Fabel helps businesses and institutions reduce waste as Green Business Program Lead for the Center for EcoTechnology. She administers MassDEP’s GREEN TEAM and RecyclingWorks programs. The GREEN TEAM is an environmental education program for schools. Emily entered the waste management field through hauling by bicycle for Pedal People Cooperative.

Barbara Heineken, Carton Council

Barbara Heineken is a consultant with RRS and has over 25 years of experience with municipal solid waste and recycling programs. Currently, she is the Schools Recycling Coordinator for the Carton Council Schools project, where she assists communities which have carton recycling access to bring carton recycling programs to local school districts.

Lauren and Patrick Belmonte, Change is Simple

Lauren and Patrick Belmonte founded Change is Simple in 2010. Lauren is an Environmental Scientist with 11 years of experience in sustainability. Patrick has a background in communications and marketing and over 9 years in the education field. Together they designed their environmental curriculum, which has been delivered in over 600 classrooms to over 10,000 students.


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