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Join us on March 27th at the Sheraton Framingham for the 2017 R3 Conference! Registration is live! Sponsorship and Exhibitor opportunities available!

We spend $400K to throw away 4,000 tons of trash each day, but soon there won't be an "away"!

We waste $160 million of Massachusetts taxpayer money annually to manage trash. By 2020, landfill capacity will dwindle, forcing us to export 2 million tons of trash each year.

More than half of our trash could be turned into valuable items if everyone recycled properly.

We could recover $150 million of recyclables annually in MA. Recycling also produces 4 times less greenhouse gases than landfilling while creating 10 times the jobs.

MASSRECYCLE gives YOU the opportunity to empower MA citizens to recycle properly.

In addition to our advocacy and education programs, we have the unprecedented opportunity to reach 1.3 million residents daily to drive social change around recycling.

As a part of MASSRECYCLE, you can

  • Drive social change by supporting the MBTA Public Space Recycling Project, which will reach 1.3 million riders daily
  • Pass important recycling legislation at the State House by adding your voice to our advocacy efforts
  • Share your concerns with recycling experts, including all 351 municipal coordinators, at the annual R3 Conference
  • Empower the citizens of Massachusetts to be better recyclers to reclaim all that lost opportunity!

Get Involved

Reach 1.3 million riders daily! Sponsor or market on the MBTA Public Space Recycling Project

Drive social change around recycling by sponsoring the MBTA Project or buying ad space on the special kiosks. 11,000 T riders a day get the opportunity and education needed to recycle properly at Alewife Station through the MBTA Project. We need YOUR help to expand throughout the whole system to reach all 1.3 million riders.

Sponsor Change

Be heard at the State House

We partner with legislators at the State House to champion practical recycling legislation. Add your voice to ours and drive change.


Network at R3 Conference

We run the annual R3 Conference. Join over 400 experts and enthusiasts to discuss real world solutions to recycling issues.


Discuss and learn virtually

We offer educational R3 Webinars FREE to full members. Continue the discussion and learn virtually with recycling experts.


Become a member of MASSRECYCLE

Join MASSRECYCLE today to help grow our advocacy and education programs. Together, we can empower Massachusetts citizens to recycle properly!


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MASSRECYCLE is the statewide 501c3 nonprofit coalition of individuals, all 351 municipalities, recycling businesses, and other organizations dedicated to increasing recycling and waste reduction in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.